Wednesday, June 7, 2023

‘We will not rest until Ukraine succeeds,’ UK prime minister tells UN  

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Market Desk (New York): British PM Liz Truss said in a tweet on Thursday that they will not rest until Ukraine wins. The new Prime Minister of UK addressed the UN General Assembly on Wednesday

In her remarks, she said no one is threatening Russia and Putin “is making yet more bogus claims and saber-rattling threats,” which she said “will not work.”

“And this morning, we have seen Putin trying to justify his catastrophic failures. He’s doubling down by sending even more reservists to terrible fate,” she stated.

In the tweet, she wrote, Ukrainians are not only defending their country. They are fighting for our values ​​and the safety of the entire world. We will not rest until victory comes to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, UK is one of the countries that are providing the most aid to Ukraine after Russia attacked Ukraine.

Liz Truss was UK Foreign Secretary when Russia invaded Ukraine. But in September Boris Johnson was forced to resign as PM, then Liz Truss became new PM and she announced that UK aid to Ukraine would increase.

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