Tuesday, September 27, 2022

US officials keep close watch on ‘delta plus’ as it spreads in the UK

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Market Desk online: Researchers in the UK have reported a new type of corona infection called Delta Plus. Delta plus, a subspecies of the highly contagious variant of the rapidly spreading corona has overtaken Delta.

The UK’s Health Security Agency (UKHSA) is conducting research on how risky Delta Plus can be. According to UK government data, 6% of corona patients currently active in the country are infected with Delta Plus.

In a report on Saturday, the BBC reported that more people have been infected in the UK than in the Delta. However, Delta Plus are also on the rise.

The UKHSA said in a statement that the UK has been witnessing an increase in the number of infections of the subspecies over the past few months. The data we have says that in the near future, the number of patients infected with Delta plus will increase in the country.

Formally known as AY42, delta plus includes two new mutations to the spike protein, A222V and Y145H, which allow the virus to enter the body. Those mutations have been found in other variants, so it’s still unclear how dramatically those changes affect.

However, there is no evidence that this delta subspecies is capable of causing more illness in humans than other mutations in the corona or that the currently available corona vaccines are ineffective on Delta Plus – the statement said.

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