Twitter launches new feature that displays view counts


Market Desk (Tech): Twitter has opted to follow in the footsteps of YouTube in terms of launching a feature that shows how many times a certain piece of content has been viewed by users.

The news comes as Twitter’s new chief mentioned that such a feature is required as it really provides great insight into how alive the app really is.

Each time a tweet is viewed, you’ll be able to see the view count and Musk did acknowledge how such an offering is so normal for videos. But when it comes to tweets, it’s a complete new ballgame.

Meanwhile, in a tweet, he wrote, ‘I will resign from the post of CEO as soon as I find someone stupid enough to take the job! After that I will only run the software and server team.’

Earlier, Elon Musk launched a poll asking whether he should step down as CEO of Twitter. A majority of people who took part in that poll voted for him to leave.

57.5% of respondents were in favor of Elon Musk stepping down as CEO. 42.5% people said no.


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