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The most extravagant homes owned by Lionel Messi

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Market Desk (sports): The best footballers in the world earn more money than could possibly imagine, that’s why they often have a lot of cash to burn on extravagant purchases like one-off supercars, yachts and even private jets.

Lionel Messi has been frequently called one of the best footballers in the planet. He resides in an US$ 11mn luxury mansion in Barcelona that he built in 2017. The home of the Barcelona forward has a private theater, a spa and a football pitch. The home of Lionel Messi is located in the Castelldefels neighborhood of Barcelona.

He’s just amazing on and off the field and he loves the sport so much that he even decided his home should look like a football.  Messi planned to build the ultimate house shaped exactly like a football and laying on a plot that looks just like a pitch. This jaw dropping home will apparently feature a spa, a private theater and all kinds of amenities that are both luxurious and eco-friendly.

This round house has a wonderful view of the Catalan mountains on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other side. There is also a large playground for children, indoor gym and jogging ground. The entire living room is decorated with floral patterns on the walls in light yellow and brown colors as per its nature. The house has a napping corner for children. There is a large home theater for entertainment. His house was designed by Garrido.

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