Friday, December 9, 2022

The Global Digital Revolution and Growth  

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Market Desk (Tech): As world is struggling to recover from pandemic and war, digital solutions are enabling economic transformation and putting them on resilient and growth in those entire adverse scenarios.

Private and public firm in digital solutions is bringing best services to the poorest, creating jobs, strengthening small and medium businesses, enabling trade and services and building resilience. 

At the same time, more than half of the developing world remains digitally sub connected and risks around privacy and cyber security are growing worldwide. 

The discussion about the digital revolution highlighted innovating the countries by using digital technologies from digital services to remote schooling, government services. Digital solutions are accelerating more equitable and growth. We heard from public and private sector leaders from around the globe about how safe and effective digital technology has become most essential to developing in this era.

Businesses of all different sizes and from across the world are rapidly implementing strategies and utilizing modern technology from cloud solutions , artificial intelligence to big data. The rise of digital transformation is helping to develop knowledge and skills for workforces across continents and particularly youth are rapidly advancing their skills and changing systems for modern solutions. This has been especially effective in every sector.

The world is now technology-enabled youth. Automation and data analytics have facilitated the creation of home grown development that provide services for consumers from taxis to deliveries unto electronics. For many years technology companies have been at the epicenter of economy, creating exciting career opportunities for youth and experienced individuals across the world.

Digitalization is an example of this growing trend like banks, hospital, government entities and many other types of businesses. We are seeing the demand for cutting-edge solutions, such as apps for consumers to IoT solutions continue to rise. Increasing numbers of organizations are adopting technology-led approaches, helping to improve services and build capabilities for their own workforce.

To support the development of talent, youth and entrepreneurs by bringing international expertise, technology and knowledge for any country can broken records and made them success in their life.

By Lisanur Rasul

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