Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Study reveals sexual activity is responsible for 95% of Monkeypox 

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Market Desk (health): The study was released on Thursday and appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine. Experts from WHO believe that a global emergency should be declared. The latest study examined 528 infections that were verified between 27th April to 24th June, 2022 in 16 different nations.

Monkeypox instances are increasing even though there are already 14,000 cases worldwide with 6 countries reporting first cases just last week. First author John Thornhill stated, “It is crucial to emphasize that monkeypox is not a sexually transmitted disease in the classic sense; it can be acquired through any type of intimate physical contact.”

The study comes as WHO experts debate whether to classify the outbreak as a global health emergency.

Overall, 98% of those infected were gay or bisexual, 41% were HIV and the average age was 38.All they had sex partners on average during the previous 3 months and almost a third were reported to have gone to places where people could have sex including parties.

The virus can spread by any close physical contact including respiratory droplets and possibly through clothing and other surfaces, the researchers emphasized in a statement.

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