Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Snow falls in Algeria’s Sahara Desert

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Market Desk onlineJanuary means full winter. As a result, cold has come down in many countries of the world. It snows somewhere. It snows in the world’s largest warm desert! Is that even possible! The world’s largest warm desert, the Sahara, has recently been covered in ice. Temperatures in Africa and parts of the Middle East have dropped below freezing.

The Sahara is the largest tropical desert in the world, covering an area of ​​about 3.5mn square miles in northern Africa. There has been a recent snowfall in the Ain Sefra region.

Ain Sefra is located one thousand meters above sea level. Adjacent to the Algerian-Moroccan border, this region is surrounded by the Atlas Mountains. Recently, the night temperature has dropped to -2/3 degrees Celsius. As a result, the sand of the desert is covered with a sheet of white snow.

In the last 42 years, there have been 50 snowfalls in the Saha desert. Sahara was first covered with ice in 1979.

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