Friday, January 27, 2023

Microsoft considering ‘super app’ to expand mobile search

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Market Desk (Tech): Microsoft is planning to create ‘Super App’ to reduce dependence on Google. This super app will include shopping, message exchange, news, web search and other facilities. Microsoft does not have a mobile app store like Apple or Google. Therefore, Microsoft wants to fill that deficiency by adding all kinds of benefits in one app.

They are launching the app to keep the user for a long time. Increasing advertising revenue from the app increasing the use of search engine and Teams is also one of the objectives of Microsoft.

Media information reported this information. Earlier, Elon Musk had announced the creation of Super App ‘X’.

China’s WeChat and Singapore based Grab app have become quite popular as super apps. WeChat launched in China in 2011. It has various facilities including financial transactions, transportation, bill payment, live stream, search, e-commerce, chat, games, social networking. No app like Super App has been launched in the western world yet. There is no official announcement from Microsoft about when the Super App will be launched.

Microsoft officials have reportedly batted about the idea of “super app” that would combine a range of mobile consumer services to fuel advertising and drive users to products.

It also would help Microsoft chip away at the dominant positions Google and Apple hold in the mobile search business, according to a report this week citing unnamed sources.

By Lisanur Rasul

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