Friday, January 27, 2023

Israel breaking the peace treaty, Palestine prime minister 

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Market Desk (online): Palestinian PM Mohammed Shtayyeh has accused Israel of violating international law including the Oslo Peace Accords and continuing to brutalize Palestine.

The Palestinian Prime Minister called on Israel to stop all forms of oppression.

He said that Israel must comply with all international laws in addition to complying with the Oslo Accords.

The Oslo Accords are a combination of several agreements between Israel and Palestine Liberation Organization. Under this, Oslo Accords-I was signed in Washington DC in 1993.

As a result, Oslo Accord-2 was signed in Egypt in 1995. In this agreement, it is decided that the occupying Israeli forces will gradually withdraw from the West Bank and Gaza.

This agreement is famous in history as a peace treaty. The Oslo Accords created an interim government called the Palestinian Authority, which would establish autonomy in the West Bank and Gaza.

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