Friday, January 27, 2023

High school in US’ Massachusetts bans smart phones, students happier without it

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Market Desk (online): A high school in US called Buxton School, located in northwest Massachusetts has banned the use of smartphones after reports suggested that students no longer interacted with each other, media reports said.

Students who live nearby are required to leave their phones at home, while those who are in boarding are required to leave their devices in the school coordinator’s office until the end of the semester.

However, the students are not completely disconnected from the world.

According to reports, each student has been given light phone, which is a gadget with LIMITED features. It can make and receive calls and rudimentary texts.

According to report by the New York Post, when classes resumed after the pandemic, school teachers felt that student sentiment had decreased as Smartphone use increased. They no longer interact with each other.

Head of school told to New York Post that students were spending so much time on their Smartphone and face-to-face communication was completely forgotten. He also added that the students faced difficulties in conversing with each other and their ability to share space was almost gone. Seeing this, the school teachers decided to enforce the ban on Smartphones.

Source: NEWYORK post

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