Friday, January 27, 2023

Elon Musk hopes to test brain implant in humans within year

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Market Desk (Tech): The tech multibillionaire said his company ‘Neuralink’ was seeking government approval to test his device in people and predicted it could happen in 6 month. Others have been conducting similar tests for years but no device has been marketed commercially.

He said the company is working hard to prepare itself to implant the Neuralink device in the first human body. Most have already submitted the necessary paperwork to FDA for human trials.

Neuralink is currently focusing on 2 applications in particular. Through an app people who can’t see, even those who have never seen in their life i.e. born blind. The application will also restore their eyesight.

Another application, people who cannot even move their muscles due to paralysis. They can also use smart devices like computers, mobiles through applications.

Elon Musk said, for now it will start working with parts of the brain but Neuralink’s long-term goal is to create a system that can take information from the whole brain and transform it into action.

Neuralink mainly works with Brain Machine Interface (BMI) or Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technology. In this technology, the computer is directly connected with the human brain. As a result, it is possible to use the computer only by using the brain.

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