Friday, January 27, 2023

Discord Subscription offers 90/10 revenue split in the US

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Market Desk (Tech): Discord server owners will be able to keep 90% of the revenue earned from each Server Subscription sold.

Discord is rolling out brand way for users to make money with the introduction of Server Subscriptions. Using this new monetization option, individuals running Discord servers have the opportunity to bring in a solid stream of income.

Subscriptions gives the ability to monetize Discord server by offering members community the ability to purchase monthly subscription to access unique server perks and depending on how you set them up exclusive channels to talk in.

Discord notes that server owners will get to keep 90% of each monthly sold “minus some small processing fees for legal’s sake.” In terms of what individuals purchasing can receive on their end, this is largely left up to the server owner in question. Examples of things that may be bundled in Discord include things like access to exclusive Text or Voice channels, premium emojis exclusive or early access to special content and more.

In the meantime, they have given a list of things that are not eligible for monetization. They will not monetize anything that promotes gambling, sexuality, drugs and weapons.

Discord has already launched creator portal setup. Here’s how users can take advantage of the new program.

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