Wednesday, June 7, 2023

China rises records covid-19 infections | Drop cases for Nov. 28

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Market Desk (health): Health authorities report the highest numbers of infection since the start of the pandemic in 2020. China’s NHC recorded 39,791 new cases in the country on Saturday, setting record 4th consecutive day of infection figures.

But reported decline in infections for November 28 posting of 38,645 cases of which 3,624 were symptomatic and 35,021 asymptomatic, NHC said on Tuesday.

According to the report, earlier 36,082 patients are asymptomatic, 90.7% of the total. Among the 3,709 who have shown symptoms, the vast majority occurred through transmission.

The areas with the highest incidence in this respect, according to the document are those of Canton (southeast, 1,386 infections), Beijing (747) and Chongqing (center, 194).

Statistics indicate that since the beginning of the pandemic, China has recorded a total of 307,802 confirmed cases, taking into account only symptomatic cases and 5,233 deaths.

However, the Chinese government has not acknowledged these protests and has not officially responded. News of these protests quickly spread across the country on Chinese social media despite extensive controls. This led to a fall in stock exchanges on Monday and oil prices fell. It also affects the world’s 2nd largest economy. To deal with the situation, Chinese authorities have begun removing photos and posts related to the protests online.

Sources: Reuters

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