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Big Tech Companies: Loophole in privacy law

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Market Desk (Tech): If anyone read the privacy policies of Face book, Twitter, Amazon, Apple and Google to find out the data big tech companies have on you. The results would be surprised.

Let’s take a closer look at each company and the data of yours they collect this information and their policies for sharing it with third parties but if you want to learn even more, read our data privacy statistics.

It may not surprise anyone to hear that social media and tech companies can collect user data and use it for their own purposes. But many people don’t know that almost all companies collect user data, whether you provide your personal information there or not.

Most companies know location, age, which devices are using. They understand where you are going, what location staying in based on age they create profiles according to behavior.

A few months ago, Apple introduced App Tracking Transparency (ATT), a policy that allows users to decide which apps can access their data. But the interesting thing is that after applying this policy, Apple itself has collected users’ huge data. Keeps records of users’ Apple ID details, Contacts, photos, emails are stored in iCloud

You can see what data Apple has stored on you so far and download a copy. To do this, first go to Apple Account and scroll to Data & Privacy, tap on Manage Your Data and Privacy and select get a copy of data.

Tracking by Google, as many of us know Google is popular for search engine but it is also famous for collecting user data. If you have an account on Google, it knows more about you than closest friends. If you have Google’s smart assistant at home, it will know all the news about home like where you are staying, going, what you are buying, when is your birthday, when is there any event.

To find out how much Google knows about you, first sign in to Google account and sign in to My Activity page. From here can know what Google has saved about you, if you want you can delete search history, location tracking, YouTube history, personalized advertising etc. If you have location tracking enabled, Google will also know where you took a photo from.

When we create an account on Facebook, we give our name, age, where we live, what we do, our friends, political parties, interests. If you want to know what information, click on the account bottom on the right side, go to Settings & Privacy, then find download your information and click there.

If you use Microsoft products, you must open an account there. And from here data collection starts. Companies around the world use Office 365, so Microsoft knows who you are and where you work. If you have an account on Xbox Live or GamePass, they know where you live and what games like and how often buy them. You can view your browsing and location data from Microsoft’s dashboard. Moreover, from here you can see the privacy settings of Xbox, Windows, Microsoft Teams and Skype.

Companies like Apple, Google, Facebook have users profile. They use information for advertising and other purposes. Now you may know what information they have on you.

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