Friday, January 27, 2023

Astronauts on ISS will wear specially-designed helmet to find brain activity 

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Market Desk (Tech): The astronauts on a planned mission to International Space Station (ISS) will wear specially-designed helmet to monitor the effects of space exploration on brain activity, the company behind the headwear said.

The 10-day mission by space-flight firm Axiom, which will be the first-ever private trip to the space station, is due to launch on 3rd April with 4 astronauts onboard.

Data has continuously been collected on astronauts heart rate, skin resistance, muscle mass and others in space but not yet on brain activity, Yair Levy, Chief Executive of Brain.Space, the creators of the electroencephalogram (EEG)-enabled helmet, told Reuters.

“This system does not depend on any technician, does not require any preparation or any special process to wear it. Just click on a button and it’s done and you can start measuring brain activity,” he said.

After the mission, Brain.Space will compare the EEG data to see the differences in brain activity between earth and space.

CEO, Levy said he hoped the space mission would be a springboard for other institutions, researchers and software developers to use its brain data platform.

“Our vision is to create a language of the brain and to allow physicians, researchers and even app developers to use this language and to create products and services based on the brain”.

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