Asthmatic preparation for early winter


Market Desk: Winter is running with the cold wind blowing. It is also foggy. At this time, the sudden tension of the asthma patient’s breathing increases. Especially in cold weather, there is dust when sweeping the house or in contact with flower particles, and the patient has asthma. Viral infections and colds are also responsible for this problem. Apart from this, smoking is also a factor in increasing the problem.

At the beginning of winter, air pollution increases a lot, which is one of the reasons for increasing respiratory problems. As soon as the temperature starts to drop, the moisture content in the air decreases a lot. So it is important to follow some precautions.

  • Those who go out for a walk in the morning or in the evening should avoid this time. Because, at this time, the temperature of the environment varies more, dew falls, and fog occurs. So the risk of catching a cold is also high. Take a short walk or exercise at home.
  • Be careful of dust and flying flower molecules and particles in the environment. Wear a mask when going outside, which will protect you from flying dust.
  • Use appropriate warm clothing. It is best to take warm clothes out of the box and put them in the laundry. Because, if you don’t clean woolen clothes kept in a box or cupboard for a year, allergies will increase and breathing problems will be increased. You can wash it with hot water and dry it well in the sun or iron it well so that there are no mites.
  • Do not keep carpets in the house. Mites thrive in closets. And wipe the house without sweeping.
  • Those who have asthma should not brush. Be careful of these.
  • When going out in the cold or in the morning, you can wear a muffler or an ear-covering hat, which will save you from the cold wind. Wear socks.
  • Many people also have asthma in wool clothes, they wear thick cotton clothes and cotton socks. Don’t walk around the house barefoot.
  • Should get flu and pneumonia vaccines in early winter.
  • Check whether inhalers/nebulizers and other medicines are stocked at home, whether they are expired/the device is working/required liquid is available.


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