The latest EV from Tesla will travel 606 kilometers on single charge


Market Desk (Tech): Tesla, an US manufacturer is promoting the Model 3 in China. On Friday, the new model’s marketing initiatives officially began. The Middle East, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Japan are among the European nations where Tesla has begun accepting orders for vehicle at the same time. At Tesla’s facility in Shanghai, China, the new automobile is being made.

After the US, China is Tesla’s second-largest market. In 2020, Tesla plans to release the Model 3, which company claims will be an upgraded Model Y. The new model has a continuous range of 606 km, which is 37% longer than Tesla’s other vehicles.

Tesla also said that new Model 3 cars are available for pre-order in Europe.

The global EV sales grew 50% (year-on-year) in the second quarter (Q2) this year, as China’s market continued to dominate globally but growth failed to keep pace with other major markets.


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