X users will soon be able to calls without sharing numbers


Market Desk (Tech): Elon Musk’s X, formerly Twitter will roll out audio and video calling capabilities in a bid to become a super app but the struggling platform still faces heavy pressure from Meta Platforms Inc Facebook and WhatsApp as well as ongoing privacy concerns.

Musk said on 31st August that X’s call feature will not require a phone number and will be available across platforms, putting the new offering in direct competition with the popular chatting and voice-over-IP (VoIP) tool WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has so far not been a moneymaker for Meta since the company purchased platform for US$19 bn in 2014. However, the ad-free service has a massive user base of 2 bn and has been aggressively working to expand its business offerings in an effort to generate revenue.

Since Musk purchased X in October, the platform has shed advertisers with the company revealing in July that ad revenue was down by half.

Much of this share of the ad market has gone to competitors like Alphabet Inc and Alphabet shares are up 52% year-to-date, while Meta stock has jumped 136% in the same time period.

Along with the announcement of the new feature, he also informed where this feature can be used. In a tweet, Musk said that the benefits of this new feature can be taken on all types of phones and laptops. This feature can be easily used on Android, iOS and laptops. Simultaneous video – audio calls do not require the user’s phone number.


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