Community norm violation: YouTube removed over 6.48 mn videos globally


Market Desk (Tech): Over 1.9 mn videos were removed between January-March 2023 in India for violating community guidelines, marking the highest removals among nations, according to report released by the popular video streaming platform. During the same period, it is removed over 6.48 mn videos globally for violating community guidelines.

The Community Guidelines Enforcement report provides global data on the flags it receives and how YouTube enforces policies. Basically, these videos were deleted for violating policy. There is growing concern among content creators and it is from this concern that many have suggested paying close attention to its current monetization.

More than 93% of these videos were flagged by machines rather than humans, demonstrating the significant role of AI in content moderation.

In Q1 2023, YouTube terminated over 8.7 mn channels for violating with the majority being spam-related offenses.

Moreover,, YouTube eliminated over 853 mn comments, most of which were identified as spam. More than 99% of these comments were automatically flagged and removed.

Through the use of AI legalese decoder, YouTube can streamline the process of identifying and taking action against contents violence. By integrating advanced algorithms, this tool can analyze videos, comments and channels to ensure that guidelines are upheld effectively.


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