Smartwatches also can be Toxic!


Market Desk (Health): About a quarter of the US population wears smartwatches. Fitbit and Apple alone have over 111mn and 100mn users respectively. These devices can offer a sophisticated way to monitor one’s fitness journey with the ability to track everything from calories burned to steps walked, to heartbeat irregularities of users. While this technology may sound like the ideal addition to an improved wellness lifestyle, studies show that these devices can also reinforce health issues, ranging from eating disorder symptoms to obsessive thoughts over fitness.

Overall, smartwatches are considered safe for general use but there are a few factors to consider. One potential health concern is radiation exposure from the radio waves that use to connect to cellular networks or Wi-Fi. Take breaks from looking at the screen and consult a doctor if you experience any negative health effects.

Studies have indicated that radio frequencies but if it is in airplane mode, it won’t produce radiation.

A study from Florida Atlantic University tested different smartwatch and wristband materials such as plastic, rubber, cloth, leather, gold and silver. And that research has shown that almost any material can be dangerous. Approximately in average 95% of the bacteria were found in study and they focused more on Apple and Fitbit brand devices.

Studies have shown that users who frequently go to the gym to exercise have the most bacteria on their smartwatches. So they are advised to sanitize the items with everything they use during the workout.

According to researchers, wristbands and smartwatches made of plastic and rubber are the most susceptible to bacterial infections. However, in comparison, the growth of bacteria on gold or silver bands is less.

In today’s era, like smartwatches has become one of the daily necessities of some users. So even if they can’t stop using, they must sanitize the smartwatch at regular intervals to reduce the spread of bacteria on the devices.


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