UK rolls out World’s first 7-minute cancer treatment jab


Market Desk (Health): An anti-cancer jab that can cut down treatment time for some cancer patients by 3 quarters has been rolled out by UK’s National Health Service. Interestingly the jab takes as little as 7 minutes to administer. The UK’s publicly funded healthcare system will be the first health system in the world to roll out this to hundreds of NHS cancer patients each year..

According to the NHS, until now cancer drugs were delivered into the patient’s body through a vein. It is usually given under the skin. Its other name is Tecentric. Basically, it is a monoclonal antibody drug, which helps to increase the body’s immunity power in cancer patients. It is given intravenously to patients and is delivered directly into their veins through a drip.

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust’s consultant oncologist told Reuters; Alexander Martin said that the new injection would allow patients to be treated faster. We can treat more people in less time than ever before. Thousands of cancer patients in UK have benefited from the IV regimen. The risk of the cancer returning with this treatment is very low.

Atezolizumab is an immunotherapy drug, he added. It is able to find and destroy cancer cells in the patient’s body. It is currently used to treat patients with various types of cancer including lung, breast, liver and bladder.

Besides, it will take 3 quarters less time than before. In UK, 3,600 patients are treated with this procedure each year. NHS also said that patinet suffering is also reduced.


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