Ocean heat record broken and experts fear temperatures could rises further


Market Desk (Nature & Science): The average Sea surface temperature of the world has hit its highest-ever level reaching 20.96C this week, according to Copernicus Climate Change Service (CCCS).

The Mediterranean recorded its highest-ever surface temperature last week at 28.71C. Waters around the Florida Keys were similar to the temperature of a hot tub, hitting highs of just over 38C and possibly breaking a world record.

Oceans absorb heat, produce half of Earth’s oxygen and change weather patterns. But warm water reduces its ability to absorb CO2, which means there will be more gases in the atmosphere as a result of warming. It can also accelerate the melting of ice, leading to further sea level rise.

Not only warming oceans will make the environment hostile but also marine animals such as various species of fish and whales. Then they will leave in search of cool water. This will disrupt the food chain. Therefore, experts have warned that fish stocks in the sea may decrease. He also warned that some predators, including sharks may become aggressive due to hot temperatures.

Oceans play very important role in the regulation of the Earth’s climate. They absorb heat, drive weather patterns and act as carbon sink.


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