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Global E-Waste: Report predicts, it will reach 74.7 MT by 2030

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Market Desk (environment): Electronic waste commonly referred to as e-waste and it is discarded devices with a battery or plug that are no longer need, not functional or obsolete. There are 6 main categories of e-waste like lamps, small IT, telecom equipment, screen – monitors, temperature exchange equipment, large and small equipment.

More than 50mn metric tons of e-waste are generated globally every year, averaging some 7 kilograms of e-waste per capita. Electronic equipment is high in demand today.

A large proportion of electronics have a short lifespan and it is often perceived as being difficult to repair. Most of us know that we should not throw old electronics in the trash.

We have to aware of where the e-waste ends up! E-waste is a term used to describe obsolete electrical and electronic equipment. With the proliferation of these devices, e-waste has become a serious health and environmental hazard globally.

Let us imagine how much electronic waste is generated! A record 53.6mn metric ton was reported before 4 years. The new report predicts that e-waste will reach 74.7MT by 2030. Its need to be understood, how much amount of e-waste produced in each country and how much is it recycled accordingly.

However, according to Statista, most are the everyday products that generate e-waste worldwide.

32% of small electronic equipment like microwaves, cameras etc. 24% of large equipment such as washing and fax machines, 20% of temperature exchange devices like AC, refrigerators, 13% of screen time and mobile phones, 9% of small IT equipment such as computers-laptops and 2% lamps.

There are no significant guidelines for e-waste. To overcome this situation, there is need to create an e-waste management policy with each product. The world should organize International E-Waste Awareness Day across each country under a single banner. Moreover, the corporate, the industry leader and universities have to work on along with the mass people. It’s important to act and rethink technology strategy in light of this rapid growing e-waste crisis.

By Lisanur Rasul

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