Open-AI releases GPT-4, advanced AI model than ChatGPT


Market Desk (Tech): The startup OpenAI on Tuesday said that it is beginning to release a powerful AI model known as GPT-4.

OpenAI, which created the chatbot sensation ChatGPT said in a blog post that its latest technology is Multimodal, meaning images as well as text prompts can spur to generate content.

The highly-anticipated launch signals how office workers may turn to ever-improving AI for still more tasks, as well as how technology companies are locked in competition to win business from such advances.

GPT-4 has also improved its mathematical capabilities in programming. Now students can also use it to solve their complex calculations. As seen in that YouTube video, GPT4 can now handle up to 25,000 word-rich texts. So this AI can also do the job of summarizing the text of the book. GPT4 can even do writing criticism.

This is not where the surprises of the new version end. If you give a picture to GPT-4, it will collect information from that picture and give you various information. However, GPT-4 is not yet open to the general public. It is assumed that this version will be launched as a paid service.


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