Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Israel: Largest-ever protests

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Market Desk (online): Tens of thousands of Israelis demonstrated across the country Saturday in the 10th consecutive week of protests against government judicial reform plans that critics view as a threat to democracy.

The demonstrations come as PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s hard-right government prepares to press with its legislative agenda next week, shunning calls for a pause to allow for negotiations on the divisive plan.

Police chief Amichai Eshid was applauded by protesters as he walked through the demonstration. Netanyahu’s government had previously sought to remove the district commander but was unable to do so in the face of obstruction from the Attorney General.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid spoke in the southern city of Bir Sheva. He warned that the country is facing an unexpected crisis. A wave of terror is upon us. Our economy is collapsing. Money is leaving the country. Iran signed a new agreement with Saudi Arabia; But this government is focused on one thing and that is destroying Israel’s democracy.

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