Thursday, September 21, 2023

Scientists shocked after huge piece of Sun breaks off

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Market Desk (Nature & Science): The Sun’s North Pole was surrounded by a tornado-like whirl when a large chunk of its surface broke off. Even though researchers are working to understand how it happened, the video of the event has shocked the space community.

This large chunk has broken off from the Sun’s surface, creating a cyclone-like situation around its north pole. Astronomers are surprised by this incident. Scientists have already started analyzing what exactly caused this.

Nasa scientists have said that it is not new for a part of the sun to break or break away from its surface. NASA has witnessed such incidents several times in the last 6-7 decades. However, this is the first time in the history of NASA that a part of the Sun has broken off and floated in the wind to create a storm at the edge of the star. This is what surprised the American astronauts.

Tamitha Skov, a space weather forecaster and science communicator, tweeted her excitement that “material from a northern prominence just broke away from the main filament.”

The core of the solar system, the Sun, is actually a gaseous liquid. According to Tamitha Skov, the part of the sun that broke off and moved to the northern hemisphere, the process was completed in about 8 hours. At that time, the wind speed in that part of the sun’s surface was 96 thousand miles per hour.

NASA scientists said that they are currently trying to collect more detailed information about it. Scott McIntosh, a solar physicist at America’s National Center for Atmospheric Research, has been observing the Sun for decades. He told to ‘’ that he had never seen such a scene.

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