Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Google Fiber’s 5 Gbps plan in multiple US location

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Market Desk (Tech): After extensive testing over several months, Google announced the rollout of its 5Gbps Fiber internet plan in multiple cities across the US. Multi-Gigabit plans are becoming increasingly common in North America, thanks to similar high-speed plans being offered by ISPs like AT&T, Frontier and Ziply Fiber among others. This is a significant shift from just a few years ago when Gigabit internet plans were hard to come by. With increased speeds, it’s becoming easier for users to stream 4K movies, download massive games, and make flawless conference calls without lag and buffering.

The 5Gbps Google Fiber plan is priced at US$125 per month across all locations, which is only slightly higher than the $100 the company charges for the 2Gbps connection.

Finally, Google, a technology company owned by Alphabet has joined the home internet service business. And when Google joins the Internet service, there will be something special and the packages brought by ‘Google Fiber’ have 5 and 8 Gbps internet speed.

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