US man lives in Boeing 727 jetliner for US$370+ a month


Market Desk (online): In the early 70s, Bruce Campbell paid $25,800 for 10 acres of land in Hillsboro, a suburb of Portland, Oregon.

Living inside an aircraft was a lifelong dream for this 73-year man, who transformed an abandoned Boeing 727 and truly innovated for making it as a forever home.

Since he was a teenager, the Oregon native electrical engineer had always hoped to live one day in plane. And in 1999, he fulfilled his dream after he bought an abandoned aircraft that was sitting idle in Greece for just $US 100,000.

Campbell then bought it from the salvage yard where he had it flown to his hometown in Portland, Oregon. It was towed down the streets of Hillsboro, Portland. And before landing at its final destination of 10 acre block of land owned by Bruce in the middle of the woods.

His monthly expenses presently are $370+ a month which included US$220 a month as property taxes and between US$100-US$250 a month for electricity.

He spent around US$15,000 with 2 years’ time to making the plane into home. He also added a workbench and a futon sofa, which he sleeps on.

So, finally not in brick, wood or cement house but differently a family living inside an airplane. Presently, Campbell spends his time restoring computer systems, fixing different electrical systems and letting people come over and tour his aircraft.

Bruce met Joe Ann on a radio show in the late 1990s. Profession Electrical Engineer Bruce also holds private pilot’s license. He said to press that once I was returning home while listening to the radio, there was a program on the radio about Joe. I thought it was a wonderful story! I started trying to stay in the plane like that from the very next day. Now Bruce lives inside his own plane with his wife. He also said that he was grateful to Joe for thinking about living like this way.


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