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Microplastics found in human blood | It can travel around body and may lodge organs

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Market Desk (Health): The research shows the particles can travel around the body and may lodge in organs. Microplastic pollution has been detected in human blood for the first time and scientists finding the tiny particles in almost 80% of the tested person.

The impact on health is still unknown. But researchers are concerned as microplastics cause damage to human cells and air pollution particles are already known to enter the body and cause millions of early deaths in every year.

Huge amounts of plastic waste are dumped in environment and microplastics already contaminated the entire planet from the summit of Mount Everest to the deepest oceans. People were already known to consume the tiny particles in take food and water as well as breathing in and they have also been found in new born and adults.

The scientists analyzed blood samples from 22 anonymous healthy donors and found plastic particles in 17 person. Half the samples contained PET plastic and which is commonly used in drinks bottles, while a third contained polystyrene used for food packaging and other products. A quarter of the samples contained polyethylene from which plastic carrier bags are made.

On the other way, according to new study, samples were collected from patients’ bodies during bypass surgery. Later, a research team from Hull University and Hull York Medical School conducted research on it. The researchers found 15 types of microplastic particles and 5 different types of polymers in vein. The most abundant of these are alkyd resins, commonly found in artificial colors.

All in all, scientists are very concerned about the results of this research. It is not yet known exactly what damage plastic can do exactly in blood and cells. Regarding this, research Professor Ginetti Rachel said that although I do not know exactly what its effect on human health is! But I can say this from the research that it has shown the inflammation and stress already been created in the cells.

In 2022, one of the study authors at the Universita Politecnica della Marche in Italy, told Guardian that microplastics also found in breast milk.

The research team analyzed, the breast milk samples from 34 healthy mothers, which were taken a week after giving birth in Rome. Microplastics were detected in 26 of the samples or around 76%.

By Lisanur Rasul

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